Switzerland: COVID-19 situation and vaccine rollout

Switzerland has fully vaccinated 8% of the population, somewhat ahead of France and Germany and some other EU countries (see first figure). For some reason, the percent of people who have received at least one vaccine is no higher than France or Germany, who I presume are prioritizing first vaccinations over second. The percent vaccinated in Geneva is a little higher, probably around 9% and has been focused on people with various conditions and those 65 and over. The cantonal authorities are now extending vaccination to two new target groups – people aged 55-64 and 45-54.

The second figure shows that daily new cases of covid-19 are rising again in Switzerland (with very similar figure for Germany), though not as much as France which looks like it might be having a third wave. Sweden has even higher new cases per day at 625 per million population, currently the highest rate in Europe. Today, the Swiss Federal Government announced the easing of current restrictions. Restaurant terraces, cinemas, theaters, gyms and sports stadiums may reopen from Monday with some restrictions.  Not sure this is wise given that new cases in Switzerland are currently rising.

While new cases and deaths per million have decreased in UK and are now lower than those for most European countries, cumulative total deaths per million are highest for the UK, among the selected countries in the final figure.

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