Global health risks Russian edition

One of our most popular WHO reports has been Global Health Risks: Mortality and burden of disease attributable to selected major risks, published in 2009.  A Russian version has just been released by WHO, due to popular demand.


This publication is outdated now, as there have been updated estimates for individual risk factors (eg. air pollution, alcohol) published by WHO in the last few years (WHO Global Health Observatory). Also the Global Burden of Disease Study carried out by IHME has released an expanded and updated assessment of risk factor burden for 67 risks in the Lancet in December 2012. Unfortunately, there were some errors for major risks such as alcohol, now corrected, and for many others, documentation of the analyses have not yet been released.  The most recent IHME update for risks for the year 2013 is close to finalization and the GBD2013 version may have some substantial changes compared to the GBD2010 version already released.

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