Update on Swiss Covid-19 situation

Switzerland now has the third highest daily new confirmed cases per million (averaged over last 7 days) at 1,045 per million. This is exceeded only by Denmark (1,417) and Slovakia (1,130).  The UK is not far behind Switzerland at 990. At least the daily new death rate per million (7 day average) is quite low for Denmark (1.43) and Switzerland (2.69) compared to many countries (eg. USA and Germany both 3.9 per million). The comparability of these figures is influenced by differences in testing rates and differences in data collection, definitions etc.

Apparent case fatality rates are low for Switzerland, UK and Denmark at 0.25% or lower. Germany and Slovakia have higher rates at around 0.7% and the USA even higher at 1.1%. Based on the limited genetic analyses available, omicron still accounts for only a few per cent of cases, ranging from 1% in USA to 4% in Slovakia, and all the rest is essentially delta now.

The Swiss government is tightening restrictions from 20 December onwards. For settings where it is not possible to wear a mask or be seated, you must be fully vaccinated or recovered within last 4 months, or provide a negative test. Working from home will be mandatory.

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